Senior ITSecurity Operations Officer


You may not know our name, but you have surely used our innovations and solutions.


Our mission is to unlock the world and make it safer through cutting-edge identity technologies. Every day, around the globe, we are enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect and travel), in the physical as well as digital space. We are transforming their lives by making the world more secure and yet also more streamlined.


We have brought together complementary know-how and technologies that have never been combined before for both the physical and digital era: secured connectivity, secured payments and secured identity management. Cybersecurity, biometrics, large scale distributed systems and Cloud computing, analytics and smart devices are at the core of both our physical products and our software and systems.


We serve our clients in 180 countries thanks to our 15,000 employees worldwide. 


Purpose of the rol:

  • Build Engineering Department of IT Security Operations Team

  • To serve as IT Security Experts for network and security tools

  • For Technology Integration and Service Evolution of IT Security tasks

  • Part of a team of IT Security experts named “Global IT Security Officers” based in Mexico City 


  • Level 3 Technical Escalation

  • Project Management

    • Implementations / Deployment

    • Documentations (on Policies, Procedures, Migration Plan)

    • Roll-out for business continuity

  • Oversee projects of fellow IT Security officers by conducting Peer Review (QA)

  • Conduct technical knowledge transfer (KT) / Brownbag Sessions

  • Firewall Vulnerabilities bi-weekly checks and research for mandatory monthly patch testing

  • Partner Audits (can include Level 2 ITSEC Officers)

  • Provides global IT security support to all GLOBAL sites

  • Treat Security incidents.

  • Perform IT Security requests

  • Inspect and defend changes on CAB and perform/implement change requests.

  • Configure Security Equipment.

  • Set up security environments remotely.

  • Escalate IT security issues to other team members or TAC or Third Party Vendors and track down issues.

  • Supports day-to-day administration of various firewalls, IDS, corporate security devices and tools.

  • Troubleshoot interconnection links with customers, partners and internal clients.

  • Updates security devices and tools, like virus protection systems, and others mentioned above list.

  • Automate like writes scripts to ensure IT security, modifies computer security files to incorporate new software, correct errors etc.

  • Perform global regular tasks related to IT security.

  • DELIVERABLES: audit and risks assessments reports, scripts, etc

  • Stays current with new IT securities threats and IT technology



Open to work hybrid model (office/home)

Advanced conversational english Mandatory

  • Experience in Network Security or Systems Security; preferably with any specialization on any/various Enterprise Firewalls technology such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Fortinet/Fortigate, Palo Alto, Forcepoint, Sonicwall, Sophos, and more. Certification on those mentioned are preferred.

  • Expertise with firewall configuration, troubleshooting, administration and management e.g. VPN creation etc

  • Expertise in network technology such as routing and switching

  • At least 5 years’ experience of strong understanding of network infrastructure.

  • Level 3 and above technical skill set. Can handle escalated and complex matters.

  • Experience with any IT Security or network or systems design / architecture, project management, implementation, and support to documentation.

  • Strong experience with different network and security vendor brands like Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Fortinet/Fortigate, Palo Alto, Forcepoint, Sonicwall, Sophos, and more.

  • Experience in Incident, Service Request, Change, and Problem Management; having ITIL certification is preferred

  • Experience in escalation processes; Willing to work on difficult or technical security or network related escalation issues

  • IT regulatory work experience is a must

  • Strong experience with different network and security vendor brands like Netasq, Fortinet, CISCO, Checkpoint, Stonesoft, Forcepoint, Palo Alto, Sonicwall, Zyxel, etc.

  • Experience in cloud security like Azure, AWS

  • Thorough understanding of TCP/IP and related NETWORK protocols, VPN, TLS, SSL, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, DHCP, FTP, etc.

  • Knowledge in Security devices and tools like IDS/IPS, Anti-spam, Application firewalls, virtual firewalls, Proxy, Anti-virus, Vulnerability scanners, Penetration Tests, Servers, AD, Radius, Syslog, VMs, Back-up etc. Experience in administration and management are preferred.

  • Experience in Unix/Linux and database will be advantageous.

  • Proven ability to research complex problems, track down and resolve network and other issues

  • Understanding of Ethernet networks and future high-speed technologies


By choosing to work at IDEMIA, you can join the journey of a unique tech company. You can seize all the opportunities of our fast-paced environment. You can add your distinctive qualities to our global community. You can contribute to a safer world.


We deliver cutting edge, future proof innovation that reach the highest technological standards. We’re well established, and yet still agile. We aren’t too big, and we aren’t too small. And we’re transforming, fast, to stay a leader in a world that’s changing fast, too.


At IDEMIA, people can develop their expertise and feel a sense of ownership and empowerment, in a global environment, as part of a company with the ambition and the ability to change the world.


Our teams are close and collaborative; maintaining a dialogue and developing human connections matter to us. We are truly international and we know that diversity is a key driver of innovation and performance. We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of how they look, where they come from, who they love, or what they think.


Each of our locations has its own advantages to offer a collaborative and friendly work environment.


IDEMIA. Expect the unexpected. Join the journey of a unique tech company.