Software Engineer




IDEMIA’s Presentation (company & activity) – Who are we?


Since our founding, IDEMIA has been on a mission to unlock the world and make it safer through our cutting-edge identity technologies.


Our technology leadership makes us the partner of choice for hundreds of governments and thousands of enterprises in over 180 countries, including some of the biggest and most influential brands in the world.


In applying our unique expertise in biometrics and cryptography, we enable our clients to unlock simpler and safer ways to pay, connect, access, identify, travel and protect public places – at scale and in total security.


Our teams work from 5 continents and speak 100+ different languages. We strongly believe that our diversity is a key driver of innovation and performance.




Presentation of the mission – We are hiring.


The research and technology unit, at IDEMIA, is in charge of developing new technologies to be included in a broad range of products.

The unit is composed of approximately 100 engineers (researchers, developers) that are working on multiple topics: facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, fraud detection, secured acquisition systems, video analysis, detection and authentication of documents, etc…


A team of 20 developers provides the core libraries used across all IDEMIA products. The development team is placed between the research team (who is mostly using AI-based techniques) and the product teams. Typical output from the research team include deep learning models, low-level unitary methods, and workflows. Typical output from the development team is a software library with a stable API (to enable easy upgrade), while the internals are evolving constantly (new algorithms, new workflows, bug fixes, optimizations, etc...).


Most of our libraries are cross-platform (Windows/Linux/MacOS for the cloud or on-premise, Android/iOS for embedded environments): we use the C language to target all these platforms, while maintaining proper runtime speed. We are focused on performance: our engineers are used to measure and optimize speed, memory consumption, and biometrics performances. We have access to a large number of remote servers for daily performance-related tasks, from ARM-based boards to 128-threads / 512GB RAM servers).


We automate everything that can be, from compilation to tests and reporting. To do so, we can rely on our amazing DevOps team that gives us access to tools like Confluence/JIRA, Jenkins, Docker-based slaves, SVN/GIT, etc…


Our developers are each working in small teams of 2 to 5 members, all working on the same topics / libraries.


We are looking for developers that are truly passionate about software engineering.




As a member of our team, you will work closely with both the product team, and the research team, on topics such as:

  • Analyse the product requirements
  • Propose, develop, and test new features in an efficient way
  • Fix bugs
  • Optimize speed, memory and workflows
  • Provide technical support and expertise to our integrators


We are looking for people with various experience levels. Our team is constantly learning and experimenting, making an ideal place for juniors who want to kick start their career, or seniors seeking for new challenges.





Formation: PhD or engineering school


Experience A first software engineering experience is appreciated, but juniors are welcome too.


Technical Skills :

  • Excellent C language skills
  • Good Python skills
  • Familiar with Linux, bash, scripting
  • Familiar with algorithms (sorting, trees, ..) and basic data structures
  • Familiar with multithreading
  • Notions of deep learning


General Skills :

  • Good knowledge of one or more deep learning framework
  • SIMD optimisations
  • CUDA programming
  • x86, arm assembly
  • C#/Java is a plus
  • Docker
  • Dynamic analysis tools (valgrind/asan/ubsan/tsan/..)
  • Jenkins or similar automatisation framework
  • Android/iOS development


Soft Skill :

  • Curious
  • Autonomous
  • Results-oriented and solutions-oriented thinking
  • Good written/spoken English skills



Offer is located in la Defense, Paris area (partial remote work available)




The IDEMIA difference – Why should you choose IDEMIA?


By choosing to work at IDEMIA, you will join a unique tech company, offering a wide range of growth opportunities.


You will contribute to a safer world, collaborating with an international and global community. We value the diversity of our teams and welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of how they look, where they come from, who they love, or what they think.


We deliver cutting edge, future proof innovation that reach the highest technological standards and we’re transforming, fast, to stay a leader in a world that’s changing fast, too.


At IDEMIA, people can develop their expertise and feel a sense of ownership and empowerment, in a global environment, as part of a company with the ambition and the ability to change the world.


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