Quality and security management


You may not know our name, but you have surely used our innovations and solutions.


Our mission is to unlock the world and make it safer through cutting-edge identity technologies. Every day, around the globe, we are enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect and travel), in the physical as well as digital space. We are transforming their lives by making the world more secure and yet also more streamlined.


We have brought together complementary know-how and technologies that have never been combined before for both the physical and digital era: secured connectivity, secured payments and secured identity management. Cybersecurity, biometrics, large scale distributed systems and Cloud computing, analytics and smart devices are at the core of both our physical products and our software and systems.


We serve our clients in 180 countries thanks to our 15,000 employees worldwide. 




We are searching for a person to add into the existing team of Quality and Security with a sharing Job defined as follows:


For QUALITY the resource will be able to Maintain the Company  Management System ( ISO 9001/14001/27000/45000 ) and rules appropriate for IDEMIA, supporting Managers and Operational teams to comply with; support and improve the quality of all processes throughout the business and the final product; manage and/or participate in the audit program to ensure that all non-conformities raised against certification bodies during audits in respect of QMS are effectively correct and independently verified and IDEMIA is in compliance; contribute to and embed a culture of continuous improvement and best practices for IDEMIA processes throughout the company; contribute to or carries out training globally on QMS rules, methods and tools; ownership/Set-Up or support of the Quality Newsletter; provide appropriate reporting information.



• Manage, supports, organize and contributes to ISO Certification campaign;
• Perform or participates in internal audits;
• Have own area of functional expertise;
• Report into the QMS Manager;
• Share and contributes to best practice;
• To maintain and train employees on quality tools;
• Verify QMS local deployment;
• Set up QMS action plan and alerts the Quality Department in case of gap;
• Validate action plans following the ISO audit;
• Approve QMS documents;
• Administrate, updates QMS tools and Quality Intranet

• Lead and deploy process improvement initiatives


For SECURITY the resource will be able to operate and monitor the physical security the use of Physical Security Systems (Access Control, video monitoring and Intrusion detection…); Operate and monitor the physical security of employees and external visitors; Deploy and ensure proper implementation of physical security policies and procedures :  develop physical security documentation, ensure security policies & procedures are known and applied; Develop physical security mindset, champion an open security culture that allows for deterring against theft or damage or injury of product and information and to protection of personal & visitors. providing advice and trainings on Security; Critically examine business operations and behaviors to alert business leaders of any potential failure of Idemia, Schemes or regulatory security standards. Propose recommendations and solutions; Coordinate Security vetting of all new personnel as applicable; Manage relationships with schemes, official bodies and customers regarding security matters; Define, implement and manage security incident management processes; Organize and manage internal and external Security controls and audits; Prepare Physical Security reporting and share key elements with decision makers; Continuously improve Site security



• Drive physical Security activities for the Site
• Support Security operators in their duties, providing assistance & guidance
• Responsible for the security compliance for the Site
•  Advise the management of the site on security topics
•  Liaises with local authorities as necessary


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Our teams are close and collaborative; maintaining a dialogue and developing human connections matter to us. We are truly international and we know that diversity is a key driver of innovation and performance. We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of how they look, where they come from, who they love, or what they think.


Each of our locations has its own advantages to offer a collaborative and friendly work environment.


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