Continous Improvement Supervisor


Since our founding, IDEMIA has been on a mission to unlock the world and make it safer through our cutting-edge identity technologies. Our technology leadership makes us the partner of choice for hundreds of governments and thousands of enterprises in over 180 countries, including some of the biggest and most influential brands in the world. In applying our unique expertise in biometrics and cryptography, we enable our clients to unlock simpler and safer ways to pay, connect, access, identify, travel and protect public places – at scale and in total security.


Our teams work from 5 continents and speak 100+ different languages. We strongly believe that our diversity is a key driver of innovation and performance.



This role focuses on optimizing the interconnected components of a manufacturing system (e.g. personnel work flow or ergonomics, materials logistics, production process sequence, and equipment layouts, etc.) via Lean Manufacturing tools.

Key Missions

  • Establishes and sustains methods for efficient utilization of production sites and personnel via standard industry KPIs such as OEE, UPH, cycle time, yield, etc.
  • Develops and implements plans for layout modifications and revisions to operating methods
  • Supports operations to achieve budgeted savings in transformation cost and identifies cost saving opportunities both in day-to-day business and periodic projects (output or yield improvement, hiring plans, utilities and service fe, etc.)
  • Supports the rollout of key corporate competitiveness levers identified in the VCP (Value Creation Plan) during budget preparation and the program or project lifecycle
  • Implements lean physical flows on the shop floor to ease production management and lean information flows to increase the site service level
  • Adds value to operations through continuous improvement initiatives using various Lean Six-Sigma methodologies and principles (e.g., 5S, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Kaizen, etc.)
  • Animates the ideation process and identidies the best practices to be shared with other factories
  • Leads standardize work revision and provides process documentation, training and operating instructions
  • Implements and supports cultural change across the organization to embed quality into processes while developing the mindset that quality and continuous improvement are everyone's responsibility
  • Utilizes tools such as maturity assessments to gauge progress
  • Designs and implements relevant learning and development of people in continuous improvement tools
  • Engages in upstream change management activity, ensuring that the impact of change is agreed upfront while ensuring that operational quality and efficiency are assured
  • Develops a robust continuous improvement strategy in partnership with Operations Management Team and key stakeholders Implement and support cultural change across the organization for a “quality embedded in process”
  • Contributes to the creation and implementation of best practices, lean vision, strategy, road map, policies, processes and procedures to support and improve operational performance
  • Identifies areas of improvement
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    By choosing to work at IDEMIA, you will join a unique tech company, offering a wide range of growth opportunities. You will contribute to a safer world, collaborating with an international and global community. We value the diversity of our teams and welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of how they look, where they come from, who they love, or what they think.


    We deliver cutting edge, future proof innovation that reach the highest technological standards and we’re transforming, fast, to stay a leader in a world that’s changing fast, too.


    At IDEMIA, people can develop their expertise and feel a sense of ownership and empowerment, in a global environment, as part of a company with the ambition and the ability to change the world.


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